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3 Cool Exercise Ideas For Your Dog

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Exercise is important, that fact remains true no matter if you’re a dog or a human, and if you’re a dog owner you know how wild and energetic they can be at a certain age. According to studies, a dog will need the most exercise between 1.5 and four years of age. But exercise doesn’t just mean taking your furry friend for a walk, there are other, more interesting, ways to get exhaust their energy.

Pet exercise equipment is an interesting market, ranging from dog park items and dog park equipment, to string toys to dangle around in front of your cat. There are even dog training obstacle courses that can double as exercise equipment, and allow you to train your canine companion, at the same time.

Here are some pet exercise equipment options for the average dog owner:

  1. Large Exercise Balls

    Not just for humans, these large balls are good for dogs, too. It may take some training, but using one of these will allow your pet to strengthen their cores, improve their balance, reaction times, and control.

    Of course, most of the time they’ll just use it as a large soccer ball, but that’s good enough exercise too.
  2. Dog Obstacle Course/Agility Course

    Mentioned above, an obstacle or agility course is a great way to keep your dog fit as it is comprised of several pieces of exercise equipment. They come together to form a regimen that challenges both the owner and the pet. They are able to be purchased or built yourself.
  3. Skijoring or Dog Skiing

    This hard to pronounce sport is a little more situational than other options in that it relies on certain weather or environmental conditions. What it is is that you have your pet pull someone on skis, or a sled. The only equipment needed here is a dog harness, and leash to grip as the skiing individual is pulled.

    In the warmer months, skis can be swapped out for roller skates or a skateboard. The same principle is able to be applied.

There are tons of exercise equipment for dogs, and each one has its own benefits. This list is just some of a few options that may not have crossed the average dog owners mind.

So if your faithful friend is getting a little thicker in the middle, consider one of these cool and interesting ways to help them out. Great references here.

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