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Natural Bullysticks When You Want To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Happy

Bully sticks online

You love your dog. They’re your best friend in a stressful and unfeeling world, always there to put a smile on your face when you get back from work. How can you show your dog you care? Give them a treat! It’s not enough to just buy whatever you see on the market, however, as many treats aren’t particularly healthy and can contribute to excessive weight gain for your furry friend. Bullysticks dog treat products are not just incredibly tasty, they’re natural dog treats that can keep your pet’s teeth clean and digestive system happy.

Did You Know?

Let’s put your knowledge of dog health to the test before we dig into the appeal of Bullysticks dog treat products. Half of all households in the United States have a dog. That means pet knowledge is a must-have! Veterinarians have said that around 85% of dogs (and sometimes more) over the age of four have some form of periodontal disease. This is a painful and frustrating condition that causes soreness and bleeding in the gums, usually inflicted due to a lack of dental hygiene over a long period of time.

Your Dog’s Teeth

How can your dog’s mouth health do better? Give them an antler dog chew or some nutritious dog treats! Antlers are bone primarily made out of calcium and phosphorus. These shed and grow every year, making them a constant source of chewing and gnawing to keep bored dogs busy at home. It’s highly suggested that your pet’s teeth and gums should be checked once per year to make sure they’re not developing anything nasty.

Your Dog’s Diet

Your dog should have a healthy diet filled with all the vitamins and minerals they need to be full of energy. Dog treats should be no more than 10% of a dog’s total daily calorie intake (no matter how hard they beg!) and it’s imperative you become well-acquainted with dietary labels to make sure you’re not feeding your best friend unknown elements. An overweight dog can be prone to more health issues than a dog with a healthier weight.

Your Dog’s Weight

Do you worry about your dog gaining too much weight? It’s a reasonable concern. Some purebred dogs, even, are more prone to weight gain and bloating. This can affect their heart health, to boot, meaning healthy and tasty treats are an essential part of their everyday diet. Bully sticks are made out of 100% beef, something dogs find unbelievably delicious, and don’t have more than nine to 22 calories per inch.

You, Your Dog And Organic Dog Chews

You don’t have to choose between tasty and healthy. Bullysticks dog treat products are a prime example of how to have the best of all worlds for you and your pooch. Dogs need 30 calories per pound of body weight (give or take) to maintain their current weight, though this can change depending on your dog’s breed, size and daily activity. A recent study found that the average six-inch bully stick was at around 88 calories, creating a 9% calorie intake for a 50 pound dog.

Bully sticks for dogs are healthy, clean your pet’s teeth and give them just enough calories without tipping their scales. What more could a happy pet want?

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