Therapy Items for Horses and Pets

While the medical industry for human patients is enormous and represents big business, there is also a sizeable industry for therapy and support items for pets and other animals, often horses, such as a therapy back pad for horses, dog leg wraps, braces for calves, or even a therapy pet mat. When a horse, a dog, a cat, or other common domestic animals are recovering from an injury or have a health issue such as arthritis or joint inflammation, the veterinarian industry or horse doctors can look over the patient and determine what therapeutic item is best for it, based on the animal’s species, age, and the part of its body that needs help. A therapy back pad for horses, for example, may be needed if horses have spinal issues or trouble carrying weight or even issues with walking. Those who own race horses or horse ranchers can consult a horse doctor who can look over the animal and recommend models of a therapy back pad for horses or items for younger horses, such as those for calves. Equine horse boots are also available for horses having issues with their hooves.

Pets and Health

Common pets and domestic animals such as dogs, cats, horses, cows, and oxen have lived alongside humanity for many thousands of years, and often, they are sources of hard labor, and this means that people have always had an invested interest in the health and overall well-being of these animals. Over 400 different breeds of domestic horse can be found today,and such animals have long since been critical for farm labor, transportation, and until recently, war mounts, and they continue to be popular for recreational riding, breeding, and racing, meaning that the profession of horse doctor has endured from centuries past and well into the modern age. What can go wrong with horses? Often, the first way to diagnose a horse’s health issue is its posture. They may shift their weight from side to side, refuse to move, or may refuse to bear weight such as a person riding on them. Chronic stress or injury can result in a bowed tendon in horses, and this particular issue may take eight to 11 months to completely heal.

Households pets may also experience health issues, some of which are also common with human beings. Older cats and dogs may develop arthritis in their joints, and this can interfere with the animal’s movement and daily comfort and happiness. Other issues, such as recovering from trauma, can slow down the pet’s movement and hamper their everyday lives, so many products have been developed to aid dogs and cats to help them walk, as well as help them avoid irritating sensitive parts of their bodies during recovery from an injury, In fact, dogs or cats who have had amputations can get specialized wheelchairs or artificial limbs to restore their mobility, and a pet with a bad leg may bet canine leg wraps or braces.

Horses are valued greatly for racing and leisurely riding, and any horse owner will consult a horse doctor who may visit a farm or ranch and diagnose the animal’s problem in person. The patient could get a therapy back pad for horses if need be, and leg braces can also be an option for horses with joint or hoof issues. Diagnosing a problem right away can prevent an issue in a horse from becoming much worse, and allow the animal to recover sooner and regain its mobility sooner. Other therapeutic items for horses such as certain blankets may also acquired if need be.

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