Taking Care Of Your Furry Friend Daycare, Boarding, And Grooming

Taking Care Of Your Furry Friend  Daycare, Boarding, And Grooming

In the United States, there are a countless amount of pet owners. In fact, a few years ago, it was documented that around 75 million dogs lived in houses as pets for American people (this is more than any other country around the world). However, puppies and dogs become more than just pets to people, and this occurs very quickly. Puppies and dogs become family members. As puppies, they grow alongside their owners, especially if this includes children. Additionally, puppies and dogs are the ones there to cheer up their owners after a difficult day, cuddle with their owners when they need comfort, and make their owners smile when they are sad- among other things. Needless to say, puppies and dogs are important aspects of the family. Therefore, it is also important that they are taken care of when the owner cannot be around, and they are clean and cut. If puppies or dogs are family members for you, here’s what you need to know about daycare services, boarding for dogs, and professional dog grooming.

Doggy Daycare

For some pet owners, their work schedule hinders them from caring for their puppies or dogs. For example, they may not be home on time to give their puppies or dogs dinner, and let them outside to go to the bathroom. They also may not be able to give their puppies or dogs attention (that sculpts them and their behavior) or love (petting, kisses, and cuddling). Therefore, pet owners will place their puppies or dogs in a daycare while they are at work. Sometimes pet owners will even place their puppies or dogs in a daycare when they head on a vacation. There are many benefits to utilizing doggy daycare or daycare for puppies.

Anxiety: Similar to humans, puppies and dogs can experience anxiety. This anxiety typically comes in the form of separation anxiety. This anxiety can be normal for puppies and dogs if they are left alone for an increased number of hours during the day. They miss their owners and contact they receive from humans. Not only do puppies and dogs experience anxiety, but they utilize coping techniques during this time. These techniques are not positive, however. They engage in negative techniques to cope with anxiety. Some of these include barking loudly, chewing on anything in sight, and excessive howling. However, placing your puppy or dog in a day care, eliminates separation anxiety and negative behavior.

Get Attention: When your puppy or dog is in a doggy daycare, they will have the attention they need to keep them happy and behaved until you come to pick them up!

Socializing: Not only do doggy daycares help with the behavior and feelings of your dog, they teach your dog. At a doggy daycare, your puppy or dog will have the opportunity to meet other dogs and people. This means that they can work on socialization skills!

Cage-Free Boarding

You can utilize cage-free boarding for your puppy or dog when you work long hours or are on vacation, similarly to doggy daycare. Cage-free boarding is similar to what puppies and dogs experience at home. They are not placed in crates, instead they are out in the open! There are benefits to this.

Exercise: While you’re away, your puppy or dog can get the exercise he or she needs for great health! They can run around and play with other puppies or dogs. Not only is this great for exercise, but this is great for keeping your pet happy!

Just Like Home: With cage-free boarding, your puppy or dog will continue the usual things he or she does at home. This includes eating food (brought from home) at the same time he or she eats at home. Additionally, they can play with toys brought from home. This aids in eliminating any confusion your pet may have from being in a different place.
Freely Open: Cage-free boarding gives your puppy or dog the opportunity to socialize with new people and pets.


Washing and cutting your puppy’s or dog’s fur has many benefits. They’ll have healthy fur and skin, smell good, and have a decrease in any health problems with the skin.

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