How to Get the Best Vet for Your Pet

The connection between people and their pets dates back thousands of years. Since ancient times, it has been part of civilized culture to value your pets, treat them with kindness, and give them the best life you possibly can. After all, they deserve it. Whenever we need them, they are there for us, through thick and thin. The process of choosing the right veterinary services should therefore be done with care and consideration. It should, in some ways, be similar to the process for choosing a primary care physician for a human. The health of your pet is one of the most important things in your life. People often take it for granted—at least until something goes wrong. For that reason, it’s good to have your vet chosen as soon as you get a pet. You may also want to consider changing vets if your pet is pregnant, depending on the needs of your pet family. Either way, you’re going to need to know how to figure out the best vet for you and your pet’s situation. Here are some tips to help get you started.

The Busier the Better

This is one of the considerations that are markedly different from those involved in the process for choosing a primary care physician. You want a busy vet, not one that has a ton of space in its schedule. The busier a local veterinarian is, the better reputation it has. It’s a lot like when you are cruising around looking for a place to eat. Typically, the restaurants that are empty are not the ones you want to choose. There’s a reason why people choose to go elsewhere. It could be the quality. It could be service. Regardless, you’re not willing to experiment. The same mentality should apply when you are choosing a vet clinic. Veterinary services, when they’re good, get very popular very quickly. People love to tell their friends about the amazing job a vet hospital did with their pet. As this word spreads, others give it a try, and once the quality of the service is verified, they tell others, and so on. So, in some ways, the most valuable information you can get about a veterinary hospital can be gathered with just your eyes as you pay it a visit.

Another reason why a crowded local vet can be a good one to choose is because the more business they get, the more experience they have. Any vet is going to be able to spay your pet. That’s not a concern. However, there are some treatments that require more expertise. The conditions that necessitate these treatments may not be popular, so a vet that gets a lot of business is much more likely to have come across some of the more niche situations pet owners face. So a crowded lobby, parking lot, or a packed schedule is a good sign for you and your pet.


The location of the vet is a huge factor. In many cases, ambulatory services won’t be readily available for pets. This means you will have to be the ambulance. Although this is a service most pet owners have no trouble providing—and even enjoy—it can be extremely difficult to get your beloved pet to the vet if the veterinary services are too far away. There are also logistical considerations. What if your pet needs to go to the vet in the middle of the day. It would be nice if the trip can be done during an extended lunch break. And, naturally, if there’s an emergency, the last thing you want to happen is for the veterinary services to be too far away for you to get the vital help your pet needs.

Ask Around Town

It’s always good to ask your friends about the veterinary services they use. However, don’t limit your inquisition to your inner circle. When you are out and you see someone with a cute pet, politely excuse yourself and ask who they use for their vet. People will usually have no problem telling you their vet of choice. After asking for a while, you will start to notice trends in the answers. This can help you narrow down your search as you find the best care for your best friend.

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