What Type of Bones are Safe for Dogs to Eat

If you are wondering about dog bones and your pet nutrition status, you should consider looking at some advice from medical experts and veterinarians who are in the field everyday. Many people enjoy giving their dog bones, which can contribute to pet nutrition if they are raw bones. This is because cooked bones can cause broken teeth, and raw bones can be chewed through and contains marrow which brings a lot of positive fat.

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Finding natural bones that are low in fat may be ideal to not add a lot of calories to your dogs diet, and protects them from any issues with that. If you are interested in giving your dog chicken or turkey from the bone, it is recommended that you choose the proper size so that you can prevent any choking or injury to the throat or stomach from occurring. Also, giving your dog uncooked bones is recommended by experts in order to avoid the hardness of a cooked bone. Pet nutrition is important to pet owners, and the right bones can be good for pet teeth and diet.

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