How Do You Avoid Stressing Out Your Dog When Youre Moving?

Moving, whether across the state or across the country, can be an incredibly stressful experience. Between packing all of your belongings, figuring out your mobile storage solutions, and getting your new home prepped to move into, you hardly have time to worry about your furry friend that you’re taking along with you. However, there are several small things that you can do to reduce the amount of stress your dog feels as you change houses. In this video, we will look at how you can easily calm your dog when you are moving.

One of the main differences between homes can be temperature, and this can throw off a dog that is used to cooler or warmer temperatures. Be sure to perform all the heating or cooling maintenance you need before moving your dog into the space, ensuring that they get the cooling or heating comfort they recognize from home. Additionally, set up your dog’s toys and favorite comfort items as soon as you get to the new home.

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Give them plenty of snuggles and attention as they adjust to a brand new location. If you are buying a new bed, bring your old one first and then get the new one delivered.


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