Making Dog Treats!

How to make dog treats

If you or your kids ever wanted to know how to make dog treats that your dog will love! There are easy dog treats that you can make at home! With over a third of all pet owners giving their dogs a birthday present, it only makes sense that more people would want to know how to make dog treats for their pets!

Pet owners today are so much more involved with their pets than ever before. Almost thirty percent of pet owners have taken their pet to the mall for a picture with Santa or the Easter Bunny. Eighty percent of all pet owners will even go as far to claim that their pets know when they are in a good mood or not. Perhaps the pets may be more inclined to behave if you knew how to make dog treats. Then they would do anything to keep you happy!

We know more about our dogs than ever before too! In fact, when we learn how to make dog treats, it is important to keep in mind a few things. A dog can exert one hundred and fifty to two hundred pounds of pressure per square inch and up to four hundred and fifty through their mouths. This is important to know when learning how to make dog treats for pets. In addition to that, when you learn how to make dog treats, keep in mind that dogs can be very small too. The smallest dog known of was a matchbox size Yorkshire terrier! This little dog weighed less than four ounces and was 2.5 inches tall and 3.5 inches from nose to tail! We need to make sure that we can learn how to make dog treats that will be small enough for this little guy, and big enough for the dog that can exert up to four hundred pounds of pressure from its mouth alone!


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