What Does a Pet Emergency Vet Do?

Dr. Justine Lee is a board certified pet emergency vet and toxicologist based in Minnesota. Unlike traditional specialists, she doesn’t have appointments.

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Instead, she attend to everything that walks in, just like in a human emergency room.

Whether it is a case involving trauma, heat stroke, or a dog that may have underlying cancer, any animal that comes in is triaged. The doctors sort the cases from stable to sick based on heart rate, quality of breath, the sound of their lungs, and blood pressure.

There is a lot of use of fluid therapy in the emergency room. So, the pet emergency vet uses water and salt to stabilize them. Then, together with other doctors, they round three times daily at the side of each animal’s cage to determine what tests they need to do.

The good thing is that any pet emergency vet working at the Animal Emergency and Referral Center is board certified, and each one focuses on particular issues. For example, if a fracture occurs, Dr. Lee can talk to the trauma surgeon to handle it. If you bring your pet in, you can rest assure they will get all the help they need.


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