Don’t Risk Your Cats Health

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Animal clinics warn that even the most well-meaning pet owners sometimes make careless mistakes. Are you making critical mistakes and/or accidentally threatening the health or well-being of your cat? Watch out for these behaviors to keep Fluffy safe:

Leaving Out A Full Food Bowl

Contrary to popular belief, not all cats show necessary restraint. If you leave out a full food bowl, most cats will overeat (and pack on the pounds!). Refer to the recommended feeding schedules and/or portions outlined on most bags of cat food, or ask a veterinarian or animal care specialist about feeding cats a nutritious diet.

Keep in mind, too, that owners can take it to the opposite extreme. Putting cats on overly restrictive diets can be similarly harmful. “Vegetarian people sometimes want their pets to share their lifestyle. The trouble is cats are ‘obligate carnivores.’ This means they must eat meat to survive. They depend on nutrients, such as the amino acid taurine, that are only found in animal tissue,” WebMD warns. When in doubt, consult an animal doctor or veterinary office.

Feeding Cats These Two Things

The misconception that cats love milk — and that there’s nothing wrong with giving it to them — has been perpetuated for ages. Cats are actually naturally allergic to dairy. Diary may cause some cats to vomit or give them diarrhea.

The second no-no is feeding cats dry food — and dry food only. Most cats don’t drink enough water. Wet food — compromised of 78% water, according to Pet WebMD — helps make up the difference, keeping your feline healthy and hydrated.

Giving Up Cats When Expecting

Abandoning your cat is never the right option. Even so, many women give up cats when they learn that they are pregnant. “The concern is an illness called toxoplasmosis, which is caused by a parasite found in feline stool. If a woman is newly infected during pregnancy, her fetus could be harmed. But most people who have cats already have antibodies to protect against toxoplasmosis,” WebMD explains. As long as women avoid directly handling litter, they should be fairly safe from toxoplasmosis, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) adds.

Don’t endanger the well-being of your cherished feline. Carefully feed your cat, and never give up a pet unnecessarily. For more pet care tips, talk to a trusted vet at a local animal clinic. Good refereneces.

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