Two Effective Ways to Find a Missing Pet

Dog tags for pets

Did you know that 90% of pet owners consider their pets to be part of the family? As a result, the pet care industry in the United States brought in nearly $53 billion in 2011. However, pets sometimes run away, and this can cause stress and anxiety for pet owners. Fortunately, if your pet has run away, there are two effective ways to help you find it. Both of these strategies are beneficial in their own ways, and both will provide peace of mind.

1. Pet tags. There are two common types of pet tags available. While microchip tags offer an identifying number for the animal to help you precisely locate it, pet identification tags provide other people with information if they happen to find your pet. For example, pet ID tags often include the name of the pet, as well as your address and phone number so you can be contacted. Some custom pet tags even have QR codes that can be scanned, and these codes lead to an online profile for the animal. Pet tags for dogs, cats, and other animals can be easily obtained, which means all of your pets can be protected.

2. Posters. Although putting up posters for lost animals is nothing new, it is still an effective way to find a missing pet. However, posters only work when they are designed properly. Not only should the poster contain the words “LOST DOG” or “LOST CAT” in a font size that can be easily read 20 feet away, but it should also include a picture, name, and description of the pet, as well as your phone number. Providing only basic or general information can cause confusion, so the poster should be as clear and accurate as possible.

It can be a tragedy when a pet runs away, but fortunately there are two effective ways to find a missing animal. Posters and pet tags for dogs and cats, for example, can both help you locate your lost pet. By utilizing these options, you can rest assured knowing that your runaway pet will have a better chance of being found. Read more:

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