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Does Your Dog Hate the Veterinarian? How Some Vets are Helping Pets Online

App for veterinarians

Many dog owners can attest to the fact that their pets seem to know instinctively when it’s time to go to the veterinarian’s office. There are over 80 million dogs in the United States, and veterinarians do recommend more frequent office visits for older dogs.

However, many vets are willing to “visit” with pets and owners via the computer, minimizing the frequency of office visits for skittish or reluctant dogs. Pet owners spend over $50 billion on animal care yearly, and many owners are willing to invest in veterinary help online.

Whether their pet does not like to go to the veterinarian’s office, or whether they live in more rural areas that make regular veterinary care difficult to find, many pet owners meet with a “virtual veterinarian” on a regular basis to address their pets’ needs.

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3 Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy

Veterinary care center

Keeping a pet healthy isn’t hard to do. You feed, clean, and play with your furry friend. That’s pretty much it. However, there are a few other things you can do that can keep your pal far away from the advanced veterinary care center (at least until it’s time for their checkup).

Here are just a few of the best ways veterinarians say you can keep your pet healthy.

Feed your pet a balanced, nutritious diet. – One of the easiest, and simplest things you can do is to make sure your pet is eating properly. You veterinarian will be able to recommend a diet, telling you how much to feed your pet, and w

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Are You More Scooby Doo or Garfield?

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Most people in this country readily identify with one of two groups: cat or dog people. It seems that most people, 70%, will identify as a dog person, over the 20% who would rather say they are a cat person. However recent data shows that there are around 95.6 million cats who have humans, a significantly larger number than the 83.3 million dogs who are pets. That’s because at 59%, the majority of dog owners care for just one canine, while 51% of cat owners take care of multiple felines at a time. But what makes the choice so difficult for some?

Dogs, hands down!

  • Play time
    Like to go for walks, or out for a run? Perfect! So does your pup. There’s an automatic running buddy. Or frisbee partner, or swimming companion.
  • Any size
    Maybe you li

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