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Don’t Leave Your Dog’s Happiness to Chance

Therapy dog training

With 36.5% of American households owning a dog (43,346,000) in 2012, residential dog training is an increasingly important business with a booming market. Dog training, especially puppy obedience training, is incredibly important for any dog owner for numerous reasons.

With total pet industry expenditure in the US having exploded from $17million in 1994 to what is going to be nearly $59million in 2014, dog owners must recognize the importance of puppy obedience training classes. Because as the old adage goes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. And a trained dog leads a much happier life than an untrained dog without anxiety or confusion.


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How to Draw More Traffic to Your Veterinary Website

Vetranarian webiste design

Did you know that nearly five billion internet searches are performed each month worldwide? The internet is full of potential business, and SEO internet marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract more customers. Several SEO strategies must be implemented in order to draw more internet users to your veterinary clinic website, and each technique will help accomplish this in its own way.

1. Web design. Your veterinary web design must be attractive enough to appeal to every user who visits your site. This can be done by presenting unique and relevant information that distinguishes you from your competitors

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Having A Proper Collar and Tags On Your Pets Could Save Their Lives If They Get Away

Engraved pet tags

It can be very fun to take you pet for a walk around the block or to play catch in the park. Most of the time, this is when pets seem like they are at their happiest. This fun experience can quickly become a stressful, and even one if your pet happens to run away or go missing. If this happens, the search process can be draining emotionally and physically. Dog ID tags and cat tags can make the process of finding your missing pet easier and more likely to be successful.

Pet tags for cats can be a great way to help provide security for your loved pets. The same goes for dog name tags for our canine friends. Pet tags for c

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