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Pet Care and the American Family Household

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Anywhere you go in America, on either coast or straight through the heartland, you are certain to find a household with at least one pet. Pets and humans have lived together for centuries, not only on this continent but on every continent around the world. Today, there are 46,300,000 households that own a dog and 38,900,000 households with at least one cat. These are only the two most popular species of pets. Many homes own all sorts of different species of animals for pets.

It has been studied and proven to be the case that pet owners often lead healthier lives than those without any kind of a pet in the home. In one study of 217 members of a communit

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Why Pet Insurance Is a Good Investment

Older dogs

For most Americans having a pet is a joy. Often treated like a treasured member of the family, a cat, dog, guinea pig or bird is more than just an animals. When they need medical attention or are ill, it can be heart-breaking and like with any other member of the family the focus is on getting him or her healthy again. While the pet’s wellbeing is the primary concern, health care for animals is often costly. Pet insurance plans can offer vital assistance when you need it.

In the same way that you invest in cover for your own health care, pet insurance that covers health care for animals is a wise investment. Given the United States’s love of pets — there are more cats in the U.S than in any other country with over 76 million — such Read more ...

Are You Ready to Try Natural Pet Shampoo for Your Pet?

Itchy skin in dogs

Natural pet care products that use the same quality ingredients as found in human products: now that’s an idea that many pet owners can get behind. Most people have a close bond to their pets, and it can be both frustrating and sad for pet owners to watch their pets dealing with allergies and skin irritation. Regular medical care doesn’t seem to be able to treat skin irritation on dogs. But with natural pet shampoo, an immediate improvement is seen. Once the problem is resolved, it doesn’t come back. With natural pet products, it becomes possible to give your pets the same treatment you’d pick for yourself.

Pets can get allergies too

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