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Five Reasons We Love Natural Dog Shampoo and You Will Too

Dog shampoo for itchy skin

Even if your dog is your best friend, you may not have put a lot of thought into shampoo for dogs. Pet shampoo just is not high on the list of many people’s priorities, even people who are dog-fanatics. However, if you are like us, you want your dog to be as healthy and happy as possible. One great way to improve the health and comfort of your pup is to incorporate a natural dog shampoo into your dog’s regular regimen.

What is natural dog shampoo?
Natural dog shampoo is a cleaning agent that is designed specifically for the unique hair and skin that canines have. Some natural pet shampoo products target and treat topical issues, such as dry and itchy skin in d

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Providing A Better Quality Of Life For Your Pets

Surgical services for pets

Your local veterinary practice can provide not only pet health care but therapeutic services for pets. Veterinarians suggest that older dogs and cats be brought in twice a year for a checkup. And if you have a kitten or a puppy, you’ll need to schedule a visit every three to four weeks for vaccines until he or she is 16 weeks old.

Grooming and therapeutic bathing services are an option for the busy owner who doesn’t have time to do the job. And a pet dermatologist can address any persistent skin conditions that are making your pet uncomfortable.

Dogs are a part of some 46,300,000 households, and 38,900,0

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The Importance of Testing for Canine Heartworm Antigen

Clinical diagnostics laboratory

Most family pets are considered just that: family. A recent poll conducted by PetFinder.com found that more than 60% of dog owners give their pets Christmas presents. This is a great indicator of how fondly pets are looked upon within families. With that love comes a great deal of responsibility, especially when it comes to their health.

While they are a great addition to a family, they are also natural hosts for heartworm. The worm is transferred by mosquitoes, starting as larvae before they grow and multiply. They pose a serious risk to dog and can be fatal if left untreated.

Canine heartworm ant

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