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Are You More Scooby Doo or Garfield?

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Most people in this country readily identify with one of two groups: cat or dog people. It seems that most people, 70%, will identify as a dog person, over the 20% who would rather say they are a cat person. However recent data shows that there are around 95.6 million cats who have humans, a significantly larger number than the 83.3 million dogs who are pets. That’s because at 59%, the majority of dog owners care for just one canine, while 51% of cat owners take care of multiple felines at a time. But what makes the choice so difficult for some?

Dogs, hands down!

  • Play time
    Like to go for walks, or out for a run? Perfect! So does your pup. There’s an automatic running buddy. Or frisbee partner, or swimming companion.
  • Any size
    Maybe you li

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Why a Vet is Your Pet’s Best Friend


For animal lovers, helping animals in need is a calling best expressed through veterinary practice. A veterinary care center provides quality care for pets as a doctor’s office would for a human. Many people treat their pets like family and expect only the best and qualified care for them; thankfully the veterinary field is filled with qualified experts who place the care of your pet as their number one priority.

Veterinary Care Center Statistics
For those aspiring to be a veterinarian for animals, you may be surprised to know that nearly 80% of admitted vet students are females. Nearly three-fourths of all vets are private practice employed, although some vets work part time in a private clinic and part time in an a

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How Pets Are the Secret Ingredient to a Happy Life

Animal hospital

So, are you a cat person or a dog person? Maybe birds or lizards or exotic fish are more your style. Whatever animal you prefer, whether fluffy or scaly, no doubt it has become a part of your family. Did you know it is benefitting you nearly as much as your care benefits it?

1. Kids and pets are a mutually beneficial thing.

Having a pet and a small child can be nerve-wraking. Both rely upon your care to survive. Both make…messes. And what if they do not get along or behave around each other? No one wants to rush to urgent care.

Those reservations are justifiable and true. But studies repeatedly show, happy and healthy pets can give quite a lot to a small pet

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