Read This Now If You’re A Veterinarian

Veterinarian online

You became a vet because, like the 164 million pet owners out there, you love animals. In fact, we Americans are downright obsessed with our pets. We buy them toys on Christmas. We categorize ourselves as “dog people” or “cat people” and everyone knows what we mean. We treat our animals like children, and spend over $50 billion a year on them annually!

As you know, most of these costs probably involve veterinary care. But these days this revenue is not only gleaned from the “pet ate chocolate” cases or the twice-yearly exams for old hounds. Much like human focused medicine, veterinary advice has expanded from simply pet illness to pet wellness and preventative care. Furthermore, the majority of pet owners nowadays are computer literate, meaning that if you’re not online, you’re probably not building your practice to capacity or reaching as many ailing animals as you could be.

One great step to polishing your web presence is to get a web page and make sure it is up to date. Have your name, location, and specialties easily visible, and consider adding a widget where your patients’ owners can get online vet advice for a subscription fee. As you are aware, many inquiries are quick fixes that don’t necessarily require a full visit, but could still benefit from your advice. (How many rabbit families for example would be saved from tragic separation if more people just consulted a web veterinarian before trying to “save” the babies left alone. If they asked you, then you could tell them the mommy rabbit is probaby just out getting food and will be back shortly!)

Once you get your website set up, the next step is to invest in a veterinarian app service for smart phones. The internet and searching services are more commonly accessed today via phone, and a veterinarian app can really help boost your customer service rating, as it’s a convenient way to send out updates on a pet’s condition, appointment reminders, or prescriptions. A veterinarian app will also put you in immediate virtual range of traveling pet owners who don’t have access to their usual vets after a quick Google search!

Don’t wait. Get yourself and your practice online today, and help America continue its epic love affair with the Furry Friend.

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