Are You More Scooby Doo or Garfield?

Virtual veterinarian

Most people in this country readily identify with one of two groups: cat or dog people. It seems that most people, 70%, will identify as a dog person, over the 20% who would rather say they are a cat person. However recent data shows that there are around 95.6 million cats who have humans, a significantly larger number than the 83.3 million dogs who are pets. That’s because at 59%, the majority of dog owners care for just one canine, while 51% of cat owners take care of multiple felines at a time. But what makes the choice so difficult for some?

Dogs, hands down!

  • Play time
    Like to go for walks, or out for a run? Perfect! So does your pup. There’s an automatic running buddy. Or frisbee partner, or swimming companion.
  • Any size
    Maybe you like them cat-sized, but you’re not fond of the cat personality. Little cuddle buddies that can curl up on your lap or easily tag along on a trip by way of purse or carrier. Or you want a nice big guard dog so that no one will mess with you (never mind that he’s a gentle giant who wouldn’t hurt a fly… he looks intimidating when he needs to!).
  • The loyalty factor
    Dogs just love. It’s what they do. Dogs travel endless miles to find their people, or sleep at gravestones when their owners pass away. Dogs are always so happy to see you, whether you’ve been gone five minutes or five days.

Clearly, cats!

  • Play time
    If you’re not so into the idea of a lot of exercise, or you would rather run solo without the bother of tripping over a leash or an erratically running four-legged friend, play time with a cat may be more your scene. A string, a laser pointer, some catnip. It doesn’t take much.
  • Perfect size
    While cats can come in a variety of sizes, they’re usually on the smaller side. Even if it is considered enormous, a large cat will still typically be the size of a small dog. If you don’t have much space to share, a cat is a wise choice.
  • The attitude factor
    Cats are sometimes known for not being very nice. But how can you not admire something that does what it wants? Maybe she wants to snuggle, maybe she wants to knock your coffee cup onto the floor. Independent and free, you could probably take a page from her book.

Veterinary care for your furry friend
Cat person or dog, people with pets spend billions of dollars every year taking care of their little (or not so little!) furry loved ones, be it by way of food, toys, grooming, veterinary care for pet wellness, or otherwise. Most pets are considered part of the family. Understandably, people want their pets to be happy and healthy, so pet health concerns are taken seriously. Online veterinary care can be just as popular as local veterinary care, whether it is for advice about standard checkups or issues like a pet illness or maybe your pet ate chocolate and you’re not sure what to do next. Take care of your furry companion. Happy pets make happy people!


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