DIY Rabbit Cage Build

In this video, you will learn some steps when building a rabbit cage. Custom made rabbit cages are becoming more popular, as people are realizing that the standard cage is either too big or too small for their rabbit. You are going to want to start by measuring your space. This way, you can decide how much lumber you need. Generally, you are going to start with two, 2×4 pieces of wood.

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Then you will need 31″ wood boards to sandwich in between the 2×4’s. You will need to have access to power tools like a drill and have lots of screws to be able to attach the wood. Next, you will need to install cage supports which can be wood pieces smaller than the outer beams. The video shows how to make all of these measurements. It is also important to level the enclosure as best as you can, you can do this by putting it on concrete slabs if the enclosure is going to be outside. The general parameters should be 42″ high. You are going to want some help with this by asking someone to hold the enclosure upright for you to make sure it is level, you don’t want your pet sliding around. You’d also want them elevated to be away from predators.

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