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Do You Have an Upcoming Veterinary Appointment for Your Pet or Farm Animal?

Clinical diagnostics laboratory

You did not get good news about your pet when you took him in to have his spleen removed. After the veterinary laboratory procedures were completed and the veterinary diagnostics team took X-rays that were required before the procedure, the team announced that they had found masses in your pet’s lungs. Unfortunately, the cancer that was found had metastasized, and the vet tech indicated that, sadly, the pet likely only has a few weeks to live. Left with this devastating news, you now had the equally devastating decision to make about how to proceed.
The loss of a pet is never easy, whether it is the sudden death caused by getting hit by a car, or whether it is a longer, more drawn out process inv

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3 Cool Exercise Ideas For Your Dog

Dog crate side table

Exercise is important, that fact remains true no matter if you’re a dog or a human, and if you’re a dog owner you know how wild and energetic they can be at a certain age. According to studies, a dog will need the most exercise between 1.5 and four years of age. But exercise doesn’t just mean taking your furry friend for a walk, there are other, more interesting, ways to get exhaust their energy.

Pet exercise equipment is an interesting market, ranging from dog park items and dog park equipment, to string toys to dangle around in front of your cat. There are even dog training obstacle courses that can double as exercise equipment, and allow

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Happy Hens Deliver Healthy Eggs in the Right Nesting Boxes

Egg saving nest box

The debate over which came first, the chicken or the egg, is still a hot topic and will likely continue for generations to come. But if you are looking to jump in to the process with your own chickens, there are a few things that you should consider, starting with the benefits of chicken nesting boxes. Whether you have plenty of experience handling animals or you are just trying to break onto the chicken care scene, there are a few things to note.

The benefits of chicken nesting boxes

You may think that having a simple chicken coop and popping in to grab any new eggs will be a sufficient setup, but this is not a good idea. Hens need specific places to lay their eggs, and they need to be places that are comfortable but in areas that are separate from the the places that

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