The Importance Of A Veterinary Checkup

Just like humans it’s important for pets to routinely visit the vet. The biology might be a little bit different but our pets suffer from similar problems that we do, and we can’t let them go unchecked. In this article, I will talk about what happens during a veterinary checkup.

The first part of the checkup involves the vet getting an understanding of the pet’s history and current problems that they might be having. The vet is also going to be looking at how the pet is acting if they’re anxious or seem like they’re in any pain

A head-to-tail exam is the next part of the process. The vet will begin at the mouth of the pet and check its teeth, as well as, its eyes.

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During these checks, the vet is just making sure that everything looks normal.

As the vet moves on in the process they will be checking the legs of your pet as well as the paws. In dogs and cats, for example, the vet will specifically check the pet’s nails to make sure they are growing in, in a healthy way. One of the last steps of a checkup for dogs is to take the dog’s temperature to monitor for infection.


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